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My order failed, what does that mean?

When an order doesn't go through, you won't receive an order confirmation on the website AND you won't see an order confirmation email in your inbox.


Orders fail in our system due to one of two reasons: 

1. Billing address error.

The solution: Please double-check to ensure the billing address you've entered matches the billing address on your credit card. Moved recently? Received a new credit card? These are common reasons for orders to fail!

2. Declined transaction.

The solution: If you think this may be the case, please try another payment method.

Important: If your order has failed, your credit card will not be charged. You will likely see the order attempts in your credit card, but we can't process a payment until we have a successful order.


Still having trouble? Please use the chat window on our site or email online@bishopscellar.com so our online customer service team can assist you.